Eleanor’s Anime Danganronpa 13th Birthday Cake

Another lockdown birthday, but a milestone this time, my oldest daughter Eleanor’s become a teenager.

To mark this monumental occasion a cake in the style of Monokuma’s head and an icing figure of her least favourite character Hifumi …who appears to be dead…killed by the justice hammer wealded by Celestia Ludenberg…I was never going to try a make a figure of her with her crazy hairstyle.

Steve’s Raspberry Pi Birthday Cake

SPJ was a Chelsea fan and a bit of a computer nerd, I’d just recently bought a Raspberry Pi so when it was Steve’s Birthday I created a little circuit board on top of a sponge with a Raspberry jam filling.

Just out of shot is an apple pie with a figure of SPJ, the significance of the pie was the fact that Steve is a dead ringer for American Pie star Jason Biggs.