Mrs Sides Toast of Southborough Cake

And lo it came to pass that another end of school year Teachers cake was to be made.

Luckily only one cake to make now we’ve only got one

Steve’s Raspberry Pi Birthday Cake

SPJ was a Chelsea fan and a bit of a computer nerd, I’d just recently bought a Raspberry Pi so when it was Steve’s Birthday I created a little circuit board on top of a sponge with a Raspberry jam filling.

Just out of shot is an apple pie with a figure of SPJ, the significance of the pie was the fact that Steve is a dead ringer for American Pie star Jason Biggs.

Ann-Marie’s 30th Birthday Cake

Very simple cake from the archives this one but it does have one of my favourite figures on it.

From time to time friends have come to me and asked me to make a cake for someone I didn’t know. To be honest it’s not as much fun as you don’t know what they like and you’re only working from a photo.

Ann-Marie was Alison’s friend who I was told liked dressing up smart to go shopping, hence the dress and boxes of shoes.

Joe’s Napoli Lambretta Leaving Cake

As was tradition when any member of staff left Hospitality Line, they had a cake made for them.

Signor Joe Parents had made it clear that he was a big fan of Napoli Calcio. It made sense to do an Italian themed cake for him.

The Italian tricolore around the outside of the cake, Napoli badge on the top and a little icing Lambretta next to Joe.

It was noted by Joe that I did write the greeting ‘Ciao Joe’ in the colours of the mighty giallarossi AS Roma who are my favourite Italian Footy team. forza Roma Joe!