Steve’s Raspberry Pi Birthday Cake

SPJ was a Chelsea fan and a bit of a computer nerd, I’d just recently bought a Raspberry Pi so when it was Steve’s Birthday I created a little circuit board on top of a sponge with a Raspberry jam filling.

Just out of shot is an apple pie with a figure of SPJ, the significance of the pie was the fact that Steve is a dead ringer for American Pie star Jason Biggs.

Ann-Marie’s 30th Birthday Cake

Very simple cake from the archives this one but it does have one of my favourite figures on it.

From time to time friends have come to me and asked me to make a cake for someone I didn’t know. To be honest it’s not as much fun as you don’t know what they like and you’re only working from a photo.

Ann-Marie was Alison’s friend who I was told liked dressing up smart to go shopping, hence the dress and boxes of shoes.

Joe’s Napoli Lambretta Leaving Cake

As was tradition when any member of staff left Hospitality Line, they had a cake made for them.

Signor Joe Parents had made it clear that he was a big fan of Napoli Calcio. It made sense to do an Italian themed cake for him.

The Italian tricolore around the outside of the cake, Napoli badge on the top and a little icing Lambretta next to Joe.

It was noted by Joe that I did write the greeting ‘Ciao Joe’ in the colours of the mighty giallarossi AS Roma who are my favourite Italian Footy team. forza Roma Joe!

Mrs Edgar’s Penguin Class Teacher Cake

So as a thank you for being the kid’s teachers for the last year, cakes were destined to fill the Southborough School staff room (if they shared them that is).

For those that don’t know all of the Southborough School classes were named after endangered species. (It was a good job that I didn’t make cakes last year as I’d have had to make a cake of Tom Daley!). Anyway Eleanor’s Year 5 class was Penguin and Sophie’s was Amur Leopard, could’ve been worse if they were in Elephant, Sloth or Black Rhino class.

So the chocolate sponge cake was shaped into an Emperor Penguin with his little baby Penguin complete with a Southborough School bag….oh and not forgetting an icing Mrs Edgar.

Eleanor’s 10th Birthday Pokémon Go Cake

So Pikachu, Charmander, and Vulpix, a selection of Pokeballs (cake pops) and a number 10 in the style of the Pokémon Go map… pretty much sums it up.

Started off by covering the board in red/white pokeball fondant, cut out the 1 and 0, made a few little pokestop deviations, wrote Eleanor’s name in Pokémon font, oh and the cake was half red/white…and the finishing touch was 10 candles one of which was in the little Charmander tail..well I have been told he’s a fire type Pokémon.

Gotta eat ’em all.

P.s. there was no Ash when the candles were blown out….just Pikachu…. there’s always room for a bad Dad Joke.

Eleanor’s 7th Birthday Mario Kart Rainbow Road Cake

These blogs should be so much more than they are. I should be writing about what inspired me to make the cake not just what it looks like any idiot can see what it looks like just by looking at the photos!

This cake took all week to make, it was her 7th birthday so the cake had seven separate rainbow coloured layers, I used sugarcoat colour food dyes which were great.

There were lots of other Mario cakes that people had made but there wasn’t any Rainbow Road cakes so as that track is Eleanor’s nemesis when she plays Mario Kart, I thought I’d give it a go, so on the top of the cake was a rainbow road style rainbow track in the shape of a 7.

Then there were the seven fondant figures to make, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Toadette. Oh that’s only six*….shh don’t tell anyone.

* For those of you paying attention there’s a photo of the 7th figure of Princess Daisy shown below.